Monday, January 13, 2014

MJS gives Packers 2013 season a "C+"

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, probably the best newspaper for Packers news, released their final grade for the Pack's 2013 season: a C+. Which, unfortunetally, seems right to me. I mean, just look at how bad they were when Rodgers was out. Besides the Atlanta and Dallas games, they were barely professional in those 8 weeks. 

In the end, the Pack did still win a division title, but let's admit, they didn't deserve it. The Lions had it in their back pocket before losing 6 of their last 7 games, while the Bears would've won it in the last game had they just covered their receivers on that fourth down play. So yea, my point's clear here: the Packers were bad this year. They made the playoffs due to luck, not strength. 

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Brandon said...

Being a little older and remembering the train wreck that the Packers were in the 1980s makes me feel like that C+ grade is a little low. A C grade is something for a 8-8 team that would have no chance of winning a big game.

I'd give them a B for hanging on during the regular season without Rodgers, winning in Week 17, and managing to give the 49ers a better game than the Panthers did in the playoffs.