Friday, January 24, 2014

Packers RBs coach Van Pelt to stay with team as QBs coach

Now that Ben McAdoo is officially gone, the Packers have decided to name their Running Backs coach of one year, Alex Van Pelt, their new QBs coach, reports. Van Pelt played the position with the Bills from 1994-2003, so it's likely that he'll know what he's doing when the season comes around. 

Really, this is kinda surprising, since it was recently reported by multiple sources that, if the Browns hired Mike Pettine as their head coach, which they did yesterday, Van Pelt would likely becomes their OC, but I guess the two sides' plans must've changed. Because obviously, that's not happening anymore.


Brandon said...

It's not surprising. The Packers don't let their assistant coaches interview for anything less than a head coaching job while they're under contract. McAdoo's contract had expired, which is why the Giants were able to get him. But Van Pelt's contract runs through 2014.

Brandon said...

As for the promotion, the last time the Packers were looking for a QB coach (after Clements was promoted to replace Philbin as OC), Rodgers expressed a preference for a QB coach with NFL playing experience. He didn't get his wish when they promoted McAdoo from TE to QB in 2012, but they did add Van Pelt at that same time. Obviously there are other former NFL QBs working as coaches now who would have fit the bill, but Van Pelt is well known to everyone on the team and he has playing experience, so he's a perfect fit on paper.