Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Rodgers: Sunday's Game was the third favorite of my career

In an article recently published by Sports Illustrated, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was asked where Sunday's 33-28 win over the Bears ranked on his personal all-time favorite games list, with him surprisingly picking it third behind his Super Bowl win and 2010's Divisional Round upset over the Falcons. Rodgers completed 25/39 passes for 318 yards in the victory. 

Now while the game was definitely exciting, I'm a little surprised Rodgers liked it so much. I mean, since his favorite two are both playoff games, him saying Sunday's game was third would mean it was his favorite regular season game ever. And he's thrown for 6 TDs before, hasn't he? So why is he instead choosing a contest in which he got picked off twice? It's just confusing to me. 


Homer Nods said...

You really don't know why the Bears game ranks so highly among Rodgers' favorites? It is because the game was his coming back after a very long layoff, dispelling doubt (possibly including his own)about his ability to effect miraculous outcomes. He hadn't lost a thing.

Jack Niemuth said...

I know, but still, he's had better, more exciting regular season games before.

PackFaninFl said...

Yeah I think HOmer is right. For Rodgers, it's about winning a big game with big team implications. It's not about the individuals stats. The way he overcame adversity against the very team that injured him to win the division is just awesome.

If the question was, name your best individual game performances, think his 6 TD performance against the Texans would be up there. Rodgers is about winning :)