Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Could Sunday's loss end up being the Packers' last one of the regular season?

First off, nobody will deny that Sunday's loss to the Giants was terrible. Going into it, I didn't expect the Packers to win, but they did more than just lose. They didn't compete. Their defense was terrible all game while Tolzein threw a whole, 3 interceptions. You simply can't win playing that way. But, on the bright side, an easy schedule's coming up. And, if all goes well, the Pack could easily be 11-5 come January. 

Who who will they have to beat in order to get to that record? Just the Vikings (at Lambeau, but with Tolzein), the Lions (with or without Rodgers), the Falcons (Rodgers'll definitely be back by this game), the Cowboys (who are very overrated), the Steelers (who are good, but not good enough to win in Green Bay), and the Bears (in Chicago, but since the Packers only fell to them by 7 when they didn't have Rodgers, God only knows what'll happen when #12 does play). So, looking at it that way, I see there being a 75% chance the Pack will win out from this point on. I won't guarantee it, but it's definitely gotta shot. 

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