Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Looking ahead in the Packers schedule

As you all know, last night's Packers game could not have gone worse. Not only did the Pack lose a game on national TV to the Bears, but they lost their star QB, Aaron Rodgers, for around 3 weeks. Before last night's MNF appearance, I thought Green Bay would finish 14-2. But now, I'm not even sure they'll go 10-6. 

Luckily, the Packers next three games are all pretty easy, as they'll host the Eagles, visit the Giants, and then host the Vikings. Now, in my opinion, they'll win those two home games. They won't win them by much, but they'll still win them. As for the game in New Jersey, that one will be a loss. The Giants are getting better, the Packers are getting worse, and it's at MetLife Stadium. That's just a recipe for disaster. 

After those three games, which will likely be started by Seneca Wallace, Aaron Rodgers could return for the Thanksgiving game in Detroit. If Wallace plays on that Thursday, I see a blowout loss. But if Rodgers is healthy by then, I predict a pretty solid victory. 

The Pack's post-Thanksgiving schedule, with the exception of the Bears game, is very easy. By then, #12 will definitely be back, so them losing more than 1 of their final 4 contests is very unlikely. But still, it could happen. I'm not gonna guarantee them any late-season wins. 



PackFaninFl said...

Unorthodox view here. I think this injury is the BEST thing to happen to the Packers. There's logic to my madness...

Back in 2010, when Rodgers was injured and missed the Patriots game, he came back like a man possessed, reeled off 6 straight wins and was absolutely dominant.

Adrian Peterson gets injured 2 years ago, misses the entire season, comes back and plays like a man possessed, nearly breaking the all-time record.

Peyton Manning was injured, comes back and is putting up all-time numbers.

The great ones, when injured, come back spitting fire and venom as their competitive juices boil over. I predict Aaron, the unparalleled competitor that he is, will come back like a man possessed.

Everyone is wondering "Golly, will we make the playoffs?" Well I'm finally calling it now. I think we are winning the Super Bowl because of this injury.


Jack Niemuth said...

I think Rodgers will play well when he returns, but while he's injured I see the team struggling.