Thursday, November 21, 2013

Packers listed as 4.5 point favorites for this weekend's Vikings game

Earlier this week, Vegas released their NFL Week 12 odds, with our Green Bay Packers being listed as 4.5 point favorites for their upcoming home game against the 2-8 Vikings. This prediction isn't surprising to me and really shouldn't be to you, since, whether Rodgers plays or not, the Pack are just a much better team than Minnesota in every way. 

While I don't think this contest will be a blowout, I will say that I think Green Bay has a 99% chance of winning it.  The Vikings are simply too bad of a team to win at Lambeau. 

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Brandon said...

Basically a bump for being at home. Without Rodgers, these two teams are very evenly matched (backup QBs and awful defenses).