Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Packers listed as just 2.5 point favorites for this Sunday's Eagles game

No surprise here as the Packers, now without star QB Aaron Rodgers, have been listed as just 2.5 point favorites for their game this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are just 4-5, but beat up the Raiders pretty good last week, 49-20, behind 7 TD passes from Nick Foles. So if you think this game's gonna be an easy win, you're wrong. 

In my opinion, the Pack will be able to pull this one out as long as they play well on defense. For the past few years, Green Bay just never tried on D. So far this season, that's kinda changed, but in Monday's game against the Bears, everything that's been going right lately started going wrong again. They left receivers open, they didn't rush the QB enough, and most importantly, they couldn't get themselves off the field. Maybe it's just me, but the Bears picked up a lot of first downs Monday night by just throwing to open guys. That can't happen on Sunday. They gotta come in with a better game plan and maybe, just maybe, they'll be able to win. 

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