Friday, November 01, 2013

Packers give practice squad QB Scott Tolzein a raise

According to, the Packers have given practice squad QB Scott Tolzein a raise in order to make him stay on the team. Before this announcement, Tolzein was making just $6,000 a week, but now, he will make much more, $32,000 a week to be exact. 

I guess the QB market is pretty bad right now, but really, 32k a week to not do anything meaningful? Seems a little much to me. And keep in mind, Tolzein is only on the team to take up roster space. So if that's all they want to, why not just get somebody else who'll never do anything? They'd probably sign for less. 

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Brandon said...

It's a pretty bad QB market. Matt Flynn found a new home easily. The Bears signed Jordan Palmer. The Packers are probably thinking ahead to next year when they'll be in the market for a new backup QB and they want to keep Tolzein in the mix.