Friday, November 22, 2013

Green Bay baby born with broken collarbone named "Aaron Rodger" after Packers QB

Here's kind of a weird story for you as apparently, parents of a Green Bay baby born with a broken collarbone have named the boy "Aaron Rodger Dryer" after the injured Packers QB. Aaron Rodgers, as you know, has missed the Pack's last two games with a broken collarbone, so the name fits. 

While I get that some people are huge sports fans, this just seems strange to me. The kid's gonna be 80 some day, so should he really be named after a football player from today who is only going to have a broken collarbone for a short amount of time? In my opinion, this was just too-fanish, if that's a word. But, since it is their child, they have the right to name it whatever they want. Even if the name is a little different. 

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