Friday, November 29, 2013

Reaction: Packers get blown out by Lions, 40-10

I gotta say, yesterday's game was fun to watch. Not because it was competitive, but because it showed us all just how terrible these Packers really are. All day, they struggled with basic things like tackling, blocking, and caring. They're offense never did anything, while they're defense struggled to just stay with their receivers. Basically, the game was a comedy. The Packers, again, did not look the slightest bit professional. But am I mad? Of course not. I knew they would lose this one, so I'm still very confident in my prediction that they'll win the division. Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzein are terrible, while Aaron Rodgers is amazing. When Rodgers returns next week, we'll see a different team. I guarantee it. 


PackFaninFl said...

My one take away (and it was my main concern coming in) was our defense was on the field for over 40 minutes against Minnesota. And then to come back 3 short days later and have Detroit dominate time of possession in the first half set up for a devastating 2nd half.

Our offense NEEDED to stay on the field longer.

And it's been going on for 4 STRAIGHT GAMES. Our offensive ineptitude has stretched our defense to the limit.

As Troy Aikman said, we just looked beat up.

And against the power and athleticism of Detroit, it was just plain over before it began.

Our defense was just exhausted, dead legs. Dead everything.

And our offensive line is in a catastrophic, threadbare state of decimation. Detroit's defensive line just crushed them. Against Seattle and San Fran and now CArolina, they stand zero chance. Only Rodgers miraculously quick trigger and vision could help cover for that mess.

I'm like you, not even mad. I expected something like this, given the circumstances.

I'm just not so sure that Rodgers coming back will turn things around so automatically.

Jack Niemuth said...

I think he will. In the Packers last win in Minnesota, Rodgers made backup receivers look great as the Packers won easily despite giving up 30 points.

Brandon said...

Very true about the defense; the short week and OT game on Sunday probably got the best of them. They've finally gotten back to forcing some turnovers too. I'm interested to see how the defense looks after 10 days until their next game against a crippled Falcons' offense.