Monday, November 11, 2013

Looking ahead in the Packers Schedule

Nobody will deny that yesterday's loss to the Eagles was terrible, but the true is, some good did come out of it. Scott Tolzein did okay, the running game was pretty good, and overall the offense was able to move the ball solidly, despite the fact that they rarely put points on the board. So, knowing that, I think we can tolerate watching this team for three more weeks before Rodgers comes back. But just because it'll be tolerable doesn't mean it won't be rough most of the time. So, my prediction for these next few weeks: the Pack will lose to the Lions and Giants, but beat the Vikings, making them 6-6. After that, Rodgers'll come back and they'll win out, ending the season with 10 wins. Will that be enough to make the playoffs? Hopefully. Because if it is, I, like fellow Packer fan PackfaninFI, believe the Pack will have a nice playoff run like they did back in early 2011. It may not be a Super Bowl win, but I think it'll definitely go to at least the NFC Championship Game. Let's hope I'm right. 


PackFaninFl said...

Only two major differences.

The two top seeds back in 2010 were Chicago and Atlanta. I KNEW we were better than Chicago and Atlanta did not scary me at all as the number one seed. After watching Narleans blitzkreig the Cowboys last night, I think they will be virtually impossible to stop at that place.

I also think Seattle is better than the Chicago team of 2010. Those are two major hurdles we will have to overcome (and in all likelihood, in consecutive weeks).

Secondly, given that this is a passing league, back in 2010 Tramon was simply all pro, Sheilds was playing out of his mind, we still had Woodson (aging, but still a playmaker) and a 4 time probowl safety by the name of Nick Collins. This current incarnation in the secondary has the distinction of having put the "meh" in "meh"lancholy. They are that bad!

As incredible as Rodgers is, this is still a team sport and the braintrust and the players have to come with solutions to the lethargic play on defense.

Otherwise, sayonara baby.

Jack Niemuth said...

Later in the year, their whole team will be healthy and back. I don't care if they have to make the playoffs as a 6 seed, I just want to them make it. If they can, I think they got a real shot