Monday, November 25, 2013

Reaction: Packers, Vikings Tie

Well, yesterday's game was a first. I've never seen the Packers tie before, and honestly I wish I hadn't. Because in yesterday's overtime, the Pack were sad to watch. They drove down field, got inside the 10, and then completely gave up. Instead of drawing up a legit play to win the game, all Green Bay elected to do was have Eddie Lacy run it. As you know, that didn't work. Then after they embarrassingly settled for a 20-yard field goal, they played no defense whatsoever and, thanks to two huge mistakes by the Vikings (Adrian Peterson running into his own guy and tripping and Cordarrelle Patterson dropping a tipped passes that hit him right in the chest), were able to hold Minnesota to a field goal. From then on, their offensive line never blocked, their play-callers never called good plays, and their offense managed the clock terribly. So, while a tie is better than a loss, this game was bad. Don't be happy about it not being lost. 


PackFaninFl said...

Reading various Packer blogs, I guess I'm a minority of one. I'm happy. I think to lose one of the top 3 (if not the top player) players in the league, your most dynamic receiver (Cobb), your top tight end, both tackles, and a myriad of injuries on defense,etc, all that together and I think it's awesome how we gutted out a tie after being down 16 points.

I think Packer fans are borderline delusional in thinking there would be a repeat of 2010. Or anything half-way close to the magical run. The injuries this year have been far, far more devastating and let's face it, there is no Des Bishop to come out of nowhere. Not even an Erik Walden (3 sacks against the Bears!) or even a Zombo. There is no Tramon or Sam Sheilds-level talent that replaced Al Harris back in '10. Heck, half our injuries in 2010 we actually UPGRADED by having those guys getting hurt. But losing Rodgers, Mathews, Cobb, and Bulaga and all the others...

Simply too much.

Grateful that these guys battled in inspiring fashion. The defense flat ran out of gas in OT and couldn't hold 'em after 3 straight holds in the 4th.

Meh, and they aren't too great to begin with...

Let's get Rodgers and Cobb back and let's see if we can pull out one of the more memorable division titles (it would rank high up there for me personally)

Brandon said...

It was a good comeback. The defense has been a wreck, and the offense has been struggling, but they both got it together in the fourth quarter. It's something to build on for stretch run.

I agree with getting Rodgers and Cobb back, but I'd also add that they might have finally gotten Matthews back. With his hamstring issues and broken hand, this is the first time since September when he looked like the Claymaker. That's a huge improvement too.