Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who should the Packers start this weekend?

Earlier this week, in an article published by Bleacher Report, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy let the world know that he plans to start third-string QB Scott Tolzein in this Sunday's game against the Giants. However, now that Matt Flynn's back on the roster after brief failures in Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo, that decision could change. So, since I have no insider info on this topic, I'll just give my opinion on this piece of news. I think that it would be stupid of the Packers to let Tolzein play this weekend. While it's true that he was okay against the Eagles, that was just one game and he's still just a third-stringer. As far as I'm concerned, he hasn't proven anything. Flynn, however, does know how to play the game of NFL Football and, despite his recent struggles, is still overall a solid arm with plenty of potential. So, who'd you rather have start? The guy with experience who has thrown 6 TDs in a game before, or the guy who has played one game ever that he lost by 14 points? Seriously, who'd you have play?

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