Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why the Packers will probably win the NFC North

Let's face it, right now the NFC North is the worst division in the NFL. All four teams in it currently look pathetic, while three of them seem to have no chance of improving. However, the one that does, the Packers, seem to still have a shot at a legit playoff run. Here's why:

First off, we can write off the Vikings, can't we? They're 2-8-1, so they're not going anywhere. Right?

Anyway, the Bears and Lions, who are each 6-5, completely suck right now. Both of them are coming off embarrassing losses to less-than-okay teams, while each of them seem to have somewhat hard schedules coming up. Here are those schedules:

vs Packers
@ Eagles
vs Ravens
vs Giants
@ Vikings

@ Vikings
vs Cowboys
@ Browns
@ Eagles
vs Packers

Now let me ask you guys something. Looking at those schedules, do you believe that each of those teams will lose at least 2 of those games? The Lions defintely will, as they have to face three hot teams in the Ravens, Giants, and Eagles while also playing two losable games against the Packers and Vikings. And the Bears probably will too, as they are simply not good enough to win in Dallas or beat an Aaron Rodgers-led Packers team. Keep in mind, they lost to the Rams this week, so I think that the Browns game could also tick them off easily. 

So, if both of those teams lose at least twice, they'll each finish at 9-7, which is solid, but not great.

Now the Packers. Our beloved Packers will certainly lose this Thursday in Detroit. Earlier today, McCarthy said that Rodgers won't play, meaning we'll be stuck with Flynn for another week. So yea, let's assume for a second that after this week the Pack are 5-6-1. From that point on, with Aaron Rodgers, here are the teams they'll play. 

vs Falcons
@ Cowboys
vs Steelers
@ Bears

Now do you really think the Pack will lose any of those games? Sure the Bears and Cowboys may be a little tough, but they certainly won't lose to them, not with Rodgers. So, if they win all four of those contests, they'll end up at 9-6-1, better than the other two teams. So there you go, as long as all goes to plan, the Packers will win the NFC North. I'm 99% sure of it. 


Brandon said...

That's not fair to the NFC North. As mediocre as all four teams are, the NFC East is a mess and the AFC South (the Colts will easily win that division while they're falling apart at the moment) has the two worst teams in the NFL (Jags and Texans).

The Packers could finish 9-6-1 and win the NFC North, but I'd like to see them get any win first before I buy in. I'll jump on the Packers will win the NFC North bandwagon if they win on Thanksgiving.

Jack Niemuth said...

I don't think they'll win on Thanksgiving, but as I said in this post I don't think it'll matter. As for the divisions, I don't think the NFC North is the worst division overall. But I do think it is at this moment. The Vikings are terrible, the Bears and Lions have been pathetic lately, and the Packers are a mess. But that doesn't mean I don't think it'll never turn around

Jack Niemuth said...

*ever turn around