Thursday, August 01, 2013

Backup QB: Coleman Competing Against Harrell

The main reason I'm discouraged about the news that second-year QB B.J. Coleman has "every opportunity to win the backup quarterback job" is that it doesn't speak well for QB Graham Harrell.
There had been some happy talk about how Harrell had really improved, but if that was true, he should still be a clear step ahead. Coleman was pretty bad last preseason, and the day before Lori Nickel wrote her article, Coleman threw another couple interceptions at practice. He has the size and big arm to be an NFL quarterback, but I haven't seen anything good from him yet. He has the upcoming preseason to prove me wrong.

As for Harrell, if he does lose the backup role to Coleman, he might very well find that his NFL career is over. The Packers haven't always kept a third quarterback and Harrell isn't eligible for the practice squad anymore. If the Packers don't want him, then I don't know why any other team would be interested. No one was interested in him before the Packers signed him. I was never very high on him, but I did hope that he could develop into a decent backup.

This isn't the end of the debate, there are still four preseason games to play, but today I'm not optimistic for Harrell. This isn't a big problem, the drop off from Aaron Rodgers to anyone was going to be substantial, but if the best Plan B is Coleman, it might be more of a Grand Canyon than a drop off.

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