Monday, August 19, 2013

NFL Scout: Lacy a "steal" for Packers

In an article recently published over on, an anonymous NFL scout called RB Eddie Lacy a "steal" for the Packers. This just another positive review for the rookie, who still is being considered the team's backup by head coach Mike McCarthy. 

In my opinion, despite how good he's been, Lacy shouldn't start this season. While I've already talked about how experience isn't much of a factor since Harris has really only played one legitimate NFL season, I still feel like that one season of experience he's had could be, to the team, enough to land him the starting job for at least this year. But it also might not. We'll have to watch these last two exhibition games closely to see if Lacy keeps playing the way he has. 

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Brandon said...

He wouldn't have started the first quarter against the Rams if they didn't believe Lacy was ready and knew the offense. My only concern is durability, but keeping him in a rotation should reduce that stress.