Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seahawks WR Tate not bothered by what Packers fans say

Ever since his controversial "catch" in last year's Monday night game, Seahawks WR Golden Tate has been hated by Packers fans. To them, he is seen as a liar, which he clearly is. And now that Tate's team is heading to Green Bay tomorrow for a preseason game, the State of Wisconsin will finally get their chance to boo him. But unfortunately for them, Tate won't care. 

“It’s been pretty entertaining to read up on this stuff,” Tate said Tuesday. “I’m not letting it bother me any. What they say on Twitter or in Wisconsin doesn’t affect me.”

Now Tate could be lying, but we can't prove that. All we know is that an athlete in his position would definitely say something like this, an "I don't care" statement. He might be a little bothered by the hate every fan outside of Washington feels for him, but he won't tell us. 

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