Saturday, August 03, 2013

Jennings apologizes for "fun" comments about Rodgers

In a recent interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Greg Jennings finally apologized for what he called "fun" comments about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 

"Aaron's a phenomenal quarterback. He knows that. No one needs to tell him that. What he's done over the course of the last five years? Phenomenal. He set the bar high for quarterbacks in this league. He set the bar high for offenses in this league. Everything I say is all out of fun. I'm just saying something just to say it. They know that's not me."

I guess these new words are somewhat believable. While they were teammates, Jennings and Rodgers must've had some kinds of relationship. So it's understandable that Jennings could've just been ripping on Rodgers in a non-serious way. Still, what the former Green Bay receiver said was pretty cocky. Hopefully that attitude of his is gone. 

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Brandon said...

His new coach, Leslie Frazier, wasn't happy when he was asked about Jennings' comments last week and said he'd talk to Jennings about it. Apparently Jennings got the message.