Sunday, August 11, 2013

Harrell losing grip on backup QB job

On Friday night, the three Packers backup QBs (Young, Harrell, Coleman) threw a combined 15-for-29 and 98 yards in the team's 17-0 loss to Cardinals. While Young and Coleman both seemed to really struggle, Harrell seemed to be the guy who did the worst. Making some people, like me, believe that Harrell's time as the team's no.2 may be running out. 

“Graham has to play better, and it’s tough,” Mike McCarthy said Saturday. “Playing quarterback in the preseason, it’s never clean, and it’s been like that as long as I’ve been in this league.”

It's only been one preseason game, so it's not really time to judge. But like McCarthy said, he does have to get better. As of now, he's not their backup. 


NorthStarr said...

Based more on what I've read of his demeanor since he signed with the Packers than anything he did on Friday night, I've changed my opinion about Young's chances.

Think it should be Young as the backup, with Coleman on the practice squad for another year and Harrell GONE!

Jack Niemuth said...

I'm not that convinced yet. It's not like Young was that good against ARZ either.

Brandon said...

If Harrell would just stop turning the ball over, a big IF, then he'd be OK. Lucky for him, neither Young or Coleman has stepped up. Coleman didn't have any turnovers against the Cardinals, but he's been throwing INTs all camp.

As for Young, I'm surprised we got to see him at all. Rich Gannon said that everything about McCarthy's offense is new to him, and Young only knew a few plays. It looked like he was instructed to look for his first option, and then run. Also, Gannon pointed out that Young was double-clutching and his feet work was poor. For a veteran, Young is an awfully big project.