Thursday, August 29, 2013

Report: Crosby accepts $1.6 million reduction in guarantees

To Packers fans, it's no secret that Mason Crosby has struggled at times in his career. Whether it's missing multiple thirty yard field goals in a Wild Card game in Arizona, or occasionally kicking off out of bounds, Crosby has failed to accomplish what is to many NFL kickers a simple task. And now today, it appears all those face-palm moments have finally caught up with him, as the Packers announced today that they are slashing Crosby's guaranteed salary by $1.6 million. 

I gotta tell you guys, I'm jumping for joy right now. Honestly, I'm completely shocked that Tavecchio got cut. He wasn't great, but to me he had much more potential than Crosby. If anything, the Packers showed Crosby today that they know he's struggling. And if he wants to remain the team's starting kicker, he'll have to improve soon. 

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