Friday, August 30, 2013

Former Jets RB Joe McKnight could be heading to Green Bay

Earlier today, former Jets RB Joe McKnight, who was just cut by New York on August 26, tweeted that he is "headed to Green Bay," leaving some to believe the Packers may be signing him to help their dead running game. McKnight, who was a solid running back while playing for USC at the collegiate level, hasn't done much in his first three NFL seasons, but at this point I'm willing to accept any running back who has potential. 

If he is truly joining the Packers, I don't think it'll matter. I mean, he might be good, but he probably won't be. He'll just average 2-3 yards a carry like everybody else. But on the bright side, the regular season's finally starting, meaning there's hope that we'll finally see some passes thrown instead of white flags. 

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