Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reaction to the Jets signing Graham Harrell

As you already know from reading the previous post on this site, the Jets just signed former Packers QB Graham Harrell. Now I have know idea why any team would want this guy after he lost his job to Vince Young, but apparently the Jets saw hope in him. With Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith both struggling right now, it appears Harrell, as bad as he is, is good enough to play for this downright pathetic team. I'm serious, the Jets have no hope if they're using Harrell as a life vest. Now I'm happy that Harrell's career isn't over, but I was hoping a better team would pick him up. Unfortunately for him, no better team was bad enough to want him. So, good bye Graham. Try to enjoy your days in New York. Try really hard. 

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