Thursday, August 15, 2013

Longwell: "I feel like (Favre and the Packers reconciling) will happen soon

In an article recently published on NBC, former Packers and Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell, who I just reported a couple of days ago had re-signed with Green Bay and retired, talked about why he thinks the Packers and Brett Favre will reconcile soon. 

“I feel like it will happen soon,” Longwell said, per “I feel like everybody’s in a good place about it, and like I said, I think time heals everything. I think it’s his desire to be here. When that happens, I think it will be the right time, but I don’t know when that is.”

I like Longwell, so I'll agrees with what he says. Honesty, I don't understand why this whole thing is such a question. I mean, Favre played 16 years with the Pack. Then he left, played 1 year with the Jets, and then 2 with the Vikings. He was a little annoying with his retirement drama, but leaving for three years isn't that bad. Forgive and forget. 

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