Sunday, August 04, 2013

Family Night Scrimmage: Eddie Lacy Shines

It seems like every other year these Family Night events are cancelled due to thunderstorms, but the Green Bay Packers were able to scrimmage Saturday night in front of just over 63,000 fans. There were a couple of interesting takeaways:

At running back, James Starks started, Eddie Lacy replaced him on the first drive, Johnathan Franklin went third, and Alex Green was fourth. The only back who's really suffered this week is DuJuan Harris, who's been held out after having a cyst removed back in June. The snap count between the top four backs was almost identical, however Lacy stood out with 65 yards on eight carries behind the first team offensive line. Technically, Green came into camp at the top of the depth chart, but (surprisingly) Starks is healthy, he certainly knows the offense, and that might have given him the early advantage, though Green ran the ball well during scrimmage too. The position looks like a toss up.

At quarterback, Graham Harrell easily outplayed B.J. Coleman. For whatever progress Coleman has made in his second NFL season, he keeps turning the ball over in camp, though he didn't get much help from Jeremy Ross who dropped one pass before he slipped on another route which led to a pick-six INT. The talk earlier this week that Coleman might move ahead of Harrell seems well premature.

At right tackle, Marshall Newhouse is the starter but he was quickly replaced by rookie David Bakhtiari, so it looks like they are closely competing for the job. I really like Bakhtiari's potential, so I don't see this as a bad thing. Don Barclay started at right tackle at the end of last season, but he was awful in pass protection and is being moved all over this line so far in camp, apparently to see where he might fit. Former first round pick Derek Sherrod hasn't practiced at all, as far as I've read. The competition might already be down to Newhouse and Bakhtiari, though the winner shouldn't be obvious until the second or third preseason game.

I wrote about Tyrone Walker last week, he's still a long-shot, but he stood out during the scrimmage with a couple nice receptions.

Also, Mason Crosby's kicking woes continued and the boo-birds let him have it. I'm not sure how much more time the team will be willing to give him; they've already given him more than many franchises would have.


NorthStarr said...

I honestly expect Starks, if healthy, to start the opener. I think it's his job to lose (or have taken away by an unexpectedly overwhelming showing by somebody else).

NorthStarr said...

Also, I've been a Crosby supporter he was drafted, and have even defended his 2012 season as being nothing more than a slump in betweeen a good start and a good finish to the season, but after what I've read of his performance last night, I just don't know anymore.
Given what I thought of his potential for kicking in Lambeau in December and January when he was drafted, I have to say that I am disappointed, to say the least.

Jack Niemuth said...

I have up on him long ago. He simply isn't a good kicker

Stroh said...

Hey NorthStarr. As you may remember I've been a supporter of Starks, but even I have about given up on him. He's doing well now, but it remains to be seen how long it'll last, or his health will last. I expect Lacy to be the starter wk 1. Would love to see him run for 100 yds vs SF and set the tone for the season.

Also been a supporter of Crosby. He's got the leg talent, but seem he might not have it between the ears. Honestly don't think Giorgio is the answer either. So Crosby kicks lights out or our Kicker is on another team at the moment.

Jack Niemuth said...


NorthStarr said...

I agree that it remains to be seen how long Starks' health will last, but I think that if this is the year that it does, then he will continue to do well.
If, however, it doesn't, then, well, even I have my limits. :/