Saturday, August 17, 2013

Driver: "Jennings will always be a Packer"

In an article recently published on Bleacher Report, recently retired Packers WR Donald Driver stated that his former teammate, Greg Jennings, "will always be a Packer" despite all the drama he's caused this offseason. 

“Greg felt like he wanted to be in Green Bay but Green Bay felt like they wanted to move on so he went to the rivalry. I don’t think anyone likes when you go to a rivalry, but at the end of the day Greg Jennings will always be a Green Bay Packer. He’s going to retire as a Green Bay Packer. He has a Super Bowl ring that has a big G on it. It has no other colors, no other brand. It’s something he’s going to cherish for a long time. He will never get rid of it, he’ll always cherish it and at the end of the day people will remember him as a Green Bay Super Bowl champion.”

It seems to me that he's focusing a lot more on the pros. Eventually, I'll forgive Jennings for what he's said about the Packers recently. But not yet. 

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