Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Kicking Competition Isn't Over For Mason Crosby

UPDATE: And then with one bad day of practice, Ramirez was gone. His was one of the quicker signings/releases I've ever seen. I thought they'd give him at least a week.

If the Green Bay Packers were serious about giving K Mason Crosby some competition this year, wouldn't they have signed/drafted someone who really could unseat him?
It never seemed like Tavecchio was intended to be the answer. Maybe Tavecchio was just the starting point and Crosby has been the better kicker over the last couple weeks. Even if Zach Ramirez is outstanding in his first week with the team, it's only one week. Is he really a better kicker or did he just have the better week?

This feels like a drama that's going to stretch on all season. The Packers can easily tryout kickers during the season, if Crosby starts missing regular season field goals. Sometimes those moves work out great, for example, the Redskins signed rookie Kai Forbath last October and he was automatic for them. However, the last time the Packers were in this situation, they released P Jon Ryan at the start of the 2008 season and suffered through a partial season from Derrick Frost.

Crosby had a disastrous 2012 season and I'd be glad to see a kicker who's better than him, but my concern is that they actually find a kicker who is better before they make the move.

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